There are regular flights from the continent to Baltra Island (Seymour Airport) or San Cristobal, and from there we have connections to Isabela Island, listed below.

Connection 1

Take an internal flight in a light airplane operated by a local business. The flight takes about 30 minutes each way. Below is the flight schedule:

Flight Schedule:

Route: Baltra - Isabela
Time: 12:30pm (subject to change)

Route: Isabela - Baltra
Time: 08:15am (subject to change)

Route: San Cristóbal - Isabela
Time: 07:15 am (subject to change)

Route: Isabela - San Cristóbal
Time: 1:30 pm (subject to change)

Connection 2

Take a land and sea transfer, which consists in taking a bus from the airport to the Itabaca Canal, where you will then cross in sea transport to Santa Cruz (approx. 10 minutes), followed by the overland drive to Puerto Ayora (approx. 45 minutes). Once you arrive at the dock you board the public boat to the Villamil Port, Isabela Island (2-2.5 hours). The public boat has a fixed schedule so you should reserve your space ahead of time. (Service available only if landing on Baltra).

Public Boat Schedule:

Route: Santa Cruz – Isabela
Time: 07:00 am or 02:00 pm

Route: Isabela – Santa Cruz
Time: 06:00 am or 03:00 pm

Connection 3

Hire a private boat from Baltra (Itabaca Canal) to Puerto Villamil (approximately 3 hours. Service available only if landing on Baltra).

If you would like help in inter-island connections or transfers please contact us.



All visitors have to pay the National Galapagos Park entrance fee upon arrival to Baltra, paid directly in the airport. This fee varies per person: Foreginers: $100.00USD, Members of Mercosure: $50.00USD, Ecuadorian residents: $6.00USD (prices subject to change).

Remember to buy your Transit Control Card, which costs $10.00 per person (prices subject to change).

Be sure to travel with plenty of cash. In Isabela Island not all establishments accept credit cards and there are no ATM's or cash machines. Boutique Hotel Iguana Crossing accepts credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Diners Club.