Climbing the Sierra Negra volcanic crater is simply not to be missed for geology lovers and adventure seekers. Since its last eruption in 2005, the geographically unique Sierra Negra Volcano is home to incredible lava paths adorned with the local plant and animal life.


On the way to Sierra Negra Volcano, there is an evident change of scenery as you get closer to the highlands, from volcanic dryness with black soil and little vegetation to a humid florest with local and foreign plants introduced into the environment. Sierra Negra is an excellent place for birdwatching (finches and "curracas" among many others). There are two paths to take, depending on the stamina of each person, one is a circuit which goes until the Sierra Negra Volcano lookout, and the other path goes is a straight way to the to the Chico Volcano.

Duration: 4 - 5 hours


In the morning we will travel by car to the highlands of Isabela, following the route until the end of the road. There, we will begin a hike to a new geological world. During the hike we will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views and incredible contrast between the volcanoes and the sea, to finally arrive to the edge of the Sierra Negra volcanic crater, the second largest active volcanic crater in the world. From there we will walk around this enormous 30 square mile crater. If we still have the energy, we can continue walking top the Chico Volcano, a place with very unique scenery where there is a fusion of shades of red, oranges, yellows and blacks. Here, we can observe fumeroles and spectacular lava formations. On the way back from this hike which can only be described as Mars-like, we can enjoy our last evening on the beaches of Isabela Island.

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