This is the most spectacular site for scuba diving in Isabela Island. The water is shallow, calm, and very clear- a sea sanctuary. A series of lava flows have produced unique geological formations, a series of arcs and tunnels underneath and above the water- a habitat for many local Galapagos Species. The entrance to the site is shallow and the waves can be strong, for this reason, the access can be complicated. The best time to visit the tunnels is between January and May.

It is an exciting boat Adventure to a very unique geological site, a snorkeling paradise and home to various species of the incomparable enchanted islands. There is an extension of 800 meters and an average temperature between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. The large quantities of seabirds such as the Albatros, Flamingos, Blue Footed Boobies, the magnificent frigate bird, are on the banks, where you can also see distinct species feeding such as the tortoises, iguanas, sea lions, manta rays, penguins, lobsters, and sea snakes. In a geographic context of countless colors and textures due to the different types of volcanic lava, and the colorful desert vegetation which includes Xerophitic plants among: cactus, "Palo Santo" (holy wood), and carob trees.


Early in the morning, we will take a boat ride toward Los Tuneles, a natural underwater arches and tunnels formations that merge from pristine blue waters. You will explore the brilliant scenery and enjoy a wonderful snorkeling time in this place consider the most beautiful place to snorkel.
You will get the chance to see the white-tipped shark, manta rays, parrotfish, yellowtail surgeonfish, seahorses, and green sea turtles.

Returning to the hotel there will be time to relax and enjoy time in the pool or at the beach.

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