How many rooms?

  • 14 Rooms
  • 1 Master Suite
  • 2 Junior Suites
  • 7 Ocean Front Deluxe Rooms
  • 4 Volcano View Rooms


How big is the property / setting

Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel is the premier property with 14 guest rooms, on Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island is uniquely constructed across a 3 mile massive golden sandy beach and in front of the turquoise sea very near the center of the town. Marine iguanas, beside us, come on go the whole day from their nesting site and the refreshing sea water . It is also possible to spot Great Blue Herons and in the proximity always pelicans, lava herons, blue-footed boobies and frigates. Bright red Sally Lightfoot crabs dot the black lava shoreline.

Isabela is the Galapagos destination of the future. Come now to see it while the streets are still sandy and fishing is the main industry along with tourism. Our culinary options are specially known for fresh seafood with ecuadorian traditional recepies, local organic fruits and vegetables.

Romance and Adventure can go hand-in-hand, especially in a place like the Galápagos

There are some unique lifetime experiences and a honeymoon is one of them, Iguana Crossing will take you on unique tours in order to discover the beauty of the islands in such a way that honeymooners will be involve in a magical and romantic experience. A journey with us is an adventure that promises not only to energize your body, capture your imagination, but to reawaken your soul. Adventure and Love, of cours.


Also we will be glad to arrange* wedding ceremonies and tours for private groups (up to 50 people) joining the bride and groom; from previous arrangements and invitations with Galapagos motives, to lunch/dinner receptions and live entertainment to go along the event.

*Event planning fee will have a starting price of US$1.900,00 and will be quoted once we agree with the client, the number and kind of services needed. Loud / late parties will be permitted in Iguana Crossing as long as the whole hotel is booked for the event, and not allowed in order not to disturb other guests in the premises.

For Honeymooners

 What makes our hotel an especially good choice for honeymooners or couples on a romantic retreat?

The Galápagos Islands remote, spectacular and utterly unique, is a perfect destination for honeymooners that will be embraced by the beauty of nature. The wonderfully diverse wildlife and dramatic volcanic landscapes exceed expectations, exciting even the most hardened of travelers. A superb experience for couples that are looking for a complete different and unforgettable experience. The privacy and ultimate comfort offered by Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel.

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